Below is a collection of all of the videos I’ve made dealing with homebrewing (at least those with helpful information). I will keep this page updated, but you’re also welcome to subscribe to my youtube channel.Before you jump into the videos below, remember there’s lots to see on this site including:

If you’re interested in home brewing please check out ALL the videos on this site. If you plan on getting into home brewing and buying a kit or ingredients please consider purchasing from our sponsor, High Gravity or Beersmith (great homebrewing software with a free trial. Also includes 300+ free recipes.). They have excellent customer service, very competitve prices, flat rate shipping and stock more brewing gear than I’ve seen in any other store I’ve ever seen. The % kickback we get by using our links to them doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps to support making these videos and this website. Don’t forget to visit us over at the Google Group if you have any questions.

Super Simple Winemaking: Description: Just what it says, a super simple and cheap method to make homebrew wine. No investment in a homebrew kit needed. You just need a condom, the yeast and a sugary drink. Here is a link to the yeast I recommend in the video below. It’s very cheap and my cloning video below shows you how to clone the yeast so you never have to order again.

Super Simple Winemaking II Description: Follow up on the first video and talk about sterilization. We also start another batch of wine and talk about an upcoming online brewing course. Unfortunately you’ll probably want to actually order a good sanitizer solution if you don’t want to take the time to boil everything (pain in the ass). Don’t use bleach! This stuff is pretty cheap though and it goes a LONG way!

Clearing Your Wine Description: Learn how to clear your wine to improve taste, texture and generally make a better quality product. I strongly recommend using Bentonite. It’s very cheap and a little bit goes a long way. A 3 oz bag is under $2.00 and will easily clear 50 gallons of wine.

Yeast need culture – cloning yeast Description: How to clone yeast so you don’t have to buy it over and over again. For a beer yeast you’ll need to look look into what type of beer you want to make. There are various strains available.

Advanced Home Wine Making

Volume 1 Description: An introduction to the chemicals and essential equipment used in home wine making. All of the stuff in this video can be ordered easily online with very cheap shipping. I highly recommend using the online shop for High Gravity over the one I recommended in the video. Their online shop works better and shipping is cheaper.

How to use a hydrometer Description: How to use a hydrometer to measure your sugar and alcohol level. I also recommend picking up a wine thief (not shown in the video) to help you use the hydrometer. It makes sampling and testing your wine much easier.

Super Simple Beer: Description: The video below shows step-by-step instructions on how to mix your first batch of beer. I take a lot of pride in being able to simplify the process to make home brewing easily understood by someone who’s never done it before.

Merddyn’s OMG Honey Wheat Beer (Wheat Braggot) – See what happens when a beer recipe goes wonderfuly wrong. This started out to be a wheat beer with a bit of honey and morphed into a mead with a little wheat extract. It’s not going to turn out like I had planned, but at least you learn how to boil hops and steep grains.

TMB Dunkelweisen (dark wheat beer) – This is a partial extract beer recipe I developed with a buddy of mine in my homebrewing club (mashtronauts). I have the recipe available in BeerXML format (readable with Beersmith) for free.

Beer Bottling and Forced Carbonation (in 2-liters) – This video shows bottling the Dunkelweisen (dark wheat) beer in 2 liters. Also, check out Drysdale’s video on how to make your own Carb Cap.

Herbal / Medicinal Brewing Videos:

Intro to Herbal Brewing – This is part one of a more advanced series of home brewing videos focused on bridging the gap between brewing recreationally and for more useful purposes such as natural health, healing and medicine. Specifically in this video I demonstrate how to make a tincture, which is a liquid concentrate containing the medicinal properties of an herb. This concentration technique can be used both for medicinal purposes and simply for adding flavor to a brew. Links discussed in this video are Mountain Rose Herbs and a couple ofreally good herbal books.


Making Stevia Extract – Stevia is a natural sweetener with 0 calories that is un-fermentable and does not provoke an insulin response for diabetics. It can be boiled or steeped in leaf form to sweeten teas, beverages and in cooking. Commercial liquid extracts are available (highly potent) through stores like GNC. Powdered single-serving packets can usually be found in supermarkets next to the Splenda or in the tea/powdered drink isle. Links discussed in this video are Mountain Rose Herbs and a couple of really good herbal books.

Bottling Stevia Extract – This video shows how to separate your herbal tinctures once the vodka has extracted all of the water and alcohol soluble compounds. Links discussed in this video are Mountain Rose Herbs and a couple of really good herbal books.

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