james_silly_hat-150x150My name is James and one of my favorite hobbies is making wine (and mead) at home. I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t really do it because I like to get sloshed. I do it for the love of the craft of brewing. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Start simple and then see what you like from there. I encourage EVERYONE to at least give it a try once. To help you out I’ve made a series of “super simple” videos that show ou how to make your first batch out of stuff you probably have laying around the house.
If you want to get more serious about the hobby I’ve provided tons more information here on this site. Feel free to look around, comment and by all means ask questions! The only thing I love more than making a good batch of customized wine is teaching other folks how to do it too.

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Well, simply put, I enjoy teaching this stuff and it’s an way cool hobby. I’ve introduced 100′s of people to home brewing. I get email from folks starting their first batch of wine from my videos ALL the time and I love hearing that stuff.

Now the website does cost a bit of $$ to maintain, but I’ve worked out deals with a few sponsors to keep it free for you. Any and all supplies you order from links on this site generate a small kick-back to me to offset costs. I’ve made sure it doesn’t cost you a dime to do that. My cut comes directly out of vendor profit. It’s not going to get anyone rich, but it does help with web fees.

I’m especially happy with my relationship with High Gravity’s online store. There are dozens of online brewing supply shops I could have picked from but after researching High Gravity they were by far the best shop I could find that would work with me. They’re a small family-owned business that does a lot of volume so they can be competitive. They’re VERY helpful and they’ve been in the busienss for years so they know their stuff.

I think I’ve probably been most impressed with their customer service. I recently got into making beer as well as wine. I’m an expert in beer, but wine is a completely different animal so I had a lot of newbie questions. I emailed them and Desire (one of the shop owners) was very patient with several rounds of questions. She even corrected one of my orders for me when I accidentally ordered the wrong part so I didn’t have to re-order! It’s just so hard to find folks that respect and appreciate their customers like that.

Their shipping prices are hard to beat as well. (and believe me, i’ve ordered a lot of stuff online over the years) If you talk to the folks over at High Gravity please be sure and tell them hi for me. They’re good people. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I really believe in supporting small family businesses and these folks are great to work with.

I use youtube to host videos so that keeps my costs down. The whole point of this project is to show you how to do this stuff on the cheap anyway!

With utmost respect,